Apni Kemon Achen? Ami Khub Bhalo Achi. That is a typical Bangladeshi greeting asking “how are you,” and responding “very good.” And very good is just how I feel. This week was amazing because I finally got to see more of Bangladesh than just the capital city of Dhaka, where I stay. We traveled to Shylet, which is in the north, where Bangladeshi tea is grown. There are beautiful green tea gardens in some places for as far as the eye can see. Then where the land is not cultivated there are beautiful rainforests. After staying in Dhaka for a month it felt like the greenest place on earth.

While in Shylet the CLS group went to visit many tea gardens and also went on a hike in the rainforest. The rainforest was amazing. Some of the plants were so interesting. One of them, called “touch me not,” would wilt and look dead if you tapped its leaves, then if you took your hand away it would spring right back up perfectly unharmed. There were also beautiful flowers and streams. Although we learned to be careful of the numerous streams because they were full of leeches, and some of our instructors ended up with leeches on them.

Bangladesh is beautiful and interesting with all the variety of things you can do from hikes in the rainforest to five hour long Dhaka city traffic jams. I’m excited to see how the rest of my summer goes.

Bhalo Theko!