Greetings from Bangladesh! I’ve been enjoying Dhaka for the past month. It’s the monsoon season here and the weather is wonderfully unpredictable. Today as I was walking home from the tailor I got caught in a downpour so I’m now spending my evening drying out my new salwar kameez (a dress-like outfit).

I’m visiting with the State Department Critical Language Scholarship program, so everyday I spend my day learning Bangla at the International University Bangladesh. I know that my Bangla is getting better when I can carry on conversations with people I meet at the store or in the market. Everyone has been very nice and excited about speaking Bangla with me. As soon as someone realizes that I know the language they become curious about why I’m here and start asking me all about who I am and why I’m here.

The streets, the markets and the sidewalks are all so busy and full of people. With rickshaws, pedestrians, cars, buses and CNGs sharing the streets every adventure in the city is exciting and full of traffic jams.

Everything is fun and exciting. Bangladesh is truly amazing.

Bhalo Thekben! (Stay Well!)