Upon arriving in St. Thomas I was shocked by the intense heat and passing rain. I learned that “island time” was one hour ahead of “ship time”. One of the island residents joked that we should be on their time because they don’t change their clocks back and forth.

Jewelry stores with the most beautiful stones/jewels and uniquely designed pieces lined the streets by the port. To get to the aquarium we boarded a taxi that was part truck and part “trolly”. The front driver’s area was identical to the front of a large pick-up truck while the back was open rows of seating without doors or seat belts.

As we drove at a fast pace (despite speed limits as low as 10MPH) through the steep, narrow, winding roads I immediately noticed the familiar shopping options such as Wendy’s, Payless, K-Mart, Midas, Office Depot, and Foot Locker.





I also noticed the many churches and that all of the children walking home from school wore uniforms. While some of the stores and homes on the island appeared to be quite old and in need of repair, there were also massive, gorgeous homes and a gated golf course.

Coral World Ocean Park















Fun Fact: Iguana’s could be seen not just at the aquarium, but also on the sides of the road.

Next up was “Magens Bay,” a mile-long beach considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world.